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Stud Earrings You Can Wear All The Time

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Classic Stud

This fuss-free style of accessory is timeless and very easy to wear.  Classic stud earrings are normally made up of simple gold or silver studs. For more elaborate designs, studs can include diamonds, gemstones, or birthstones. 

Stud Gang

The stud gang consists of multiple studs and this style works for those who have multiple ear piercings. This trend is rising and has been spotted among celebs and influencers. Designed for those looking for a subtle yet interesting way of expressing their personal style, you can choose fun and colorful designs to match with classic studs. 

Stud Earrings For Brides

For the elegant bridal style, stud style earrings are a great look. Bridal stud earrings are also a good style choice especially when the bride’s gown is embellished with tons of crystals and stones. These earring styles can have a very simple look but at times that is all you need when paired with other jewelry and hair accessories. It is important that your earring selection complement the details of the wedding gown, your hairstyle and your hair accessory. These stud earrings come in jewellery sets for weddings featuring striking stones for a stunning bride.

The Statement Stud

Eventhough stud earrings are being ‘less statement’ than drop earrings, they can also make an entrance when done right. Statement studs are usually quite large and normally come in button style. Many big brands have released statement studs boasting their logos in bold designs because of the logomania hype, whilst others stick to more abstract forms. When it comes to statements, size does not always matter because a single stud is a cool style. 

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